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Our Story

Some numbers

100.000 website visitors

In 2021, our official website was visited over 100.000 times.

Groundbreaking security

24/7/365 monitoring, 256 Bit encryption and a professional website security provider. That's Ghost Recordz International as well.

International partnerships

Since 2019, we have partnered with organizations such as LabelRadar,, Epic Games & more.


Ghost Recordz International Uninc. is an Independent record label with a non-profit vision founded by Lucas G. (also known as Q-Lucas). Senne F. (or better know as Mystic Balance) is co-founder and COO as listed in the unincorporated statute of our record label.

Our record label specializes in releasing music, concluding collaborations and organizing international events. Over the years, Ghost Recordz has grown strongly internationally, with nowadays over 100.000 website visitors from over 40 different countries.


In 2019, we became an affiliate of game developer and publisher Epic Games. In 2020, during the corona pandemic, we partnered with hospital AZ Rivierenland for a unique collaboration regarding the release of 'For The Nurses'. In 2021, we partnered with LabelRadar, VIRPP and collaborated with and LIVE2020 to host Destiny The Audiovisual Festival.


In 2019, artist Q-Lucas founded Ghost Recordz International. Not long after, Mystic Balance was signed and became a co-owner of Ghost Recordz. Together, they then formed the producer-duo 'Pure Terror'. Lucas later noticed DJ VIBE & G&S Music, and signed them both.

In the middle of the year, DJ VIBE created the song 'For The Nurses' together with Q-Lucas and Lise. Later in 2020, DJ VIBE left Ghost Recordz International to return in 2021 with his new alias 'Victor Hawkings' and his debut single 'Christmas Night', sung by Mary (ex-finalist The Voice Kids Flanders 2018).

In 2021, Ghost Recordz International decided to focus more on signing foreign artists. At first, we signed THOVADO /\ MOONLIGHTER, but the deal was terminated by Ghost Recordz after six months.

Later on, Swiss producer Leevoid signed his record deal for the remix of 'Descendent', and French producers Jordy Copz & Dj Kiklo also signed a record deal for the release of 'You Got Me'. Not long after that, we signed Victor Hawkings and Mary for the release of 'Christmas Night' and some following records, and we signed Indian producer & sound designer TGRage for the release of his single 'Tears In A Glass'.

Towards the end of 2021, Mystic Balance X Q-Lucas (the duo alias of Mystic Balance & Q-Lucas) were nominated by Gigstarter for DJ Of The Year 2021. They finished first in the voting round and made it to the final.